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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 20, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> i see this visit as an opportunity to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between our nations, to restate america's of unwavering commitment to israel's security and to speak directly to the people of israel and to your neighbors. i want to begin right now by answering a question that is sometimes asked about our relationship. why? united states to stand so strongly and firmly with the state of israel? the answer is simple -- we stand together because we share a common story. patriots determined to be a free people in our land.
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pioneers to forge a nation -- who forged a nation and heroes who sacrificed. and immigrants from every corner of the world who renew constantly our diverse society. we stand together because we are democracies. for as noisy and messy as we may be, we know as democracy is the greatest form of government ever devised by man. we stand together because it makes us more prosperous. our trade and investment create jobs for both of our peoples. our partnerships in science and medicine and health bring us closer to new cures, harness new energy and have helped transform us in the high-tech homes of our global economy. we stand together because we share a commitment to helping our fellow human beings around the world. when the earth shakes and floods
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come, our doctors and rest was reached out to help. when people are suffering, from africa to asia, we partnered to fight disease and overcome hunger. piecend together because must come to the holy land. for even as we are clear-eyed about the difficulties we never lose sight of the vision of israel at peace with its neighbors. so, as i began this is it let me say as clearly as we can, the united states of america stands with the state of israel because it is in our fundamental national security interests, it makes us both stronger, it makes us both a more prosperous, and it makes the world a better place. that is why -- [applause] the united states it was the very first nation to recognize the state of israel 65 years ago.
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that is why the star of david and the stars and stripes flying together today. that is why i am confident in declaring that our alliance is forever. thank you very much. [applause] >> [speaking in foreign language) >> barack obama has just been speaking upon his arrival to tel aviv, his first visit to israel as president. although he did point out it is the third time that he has landed -- that he has been in israel. it speaking directly after benjamin knott's and yahoo. speakingwe can go to -- directly after benjamin netanyahu.
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i feel we can go to mike. warm, friendly words between the two. one of the things obama was trying to overcome, the idea there was a strained relationship between the u.s. and israel. but indeed, yes. the third thing president obama said when he walked off the plane, it is a lovely day. and then hugs for benjamin netanyahu, shimon peres, setting the terms for a visit largely about repairing what has been a somewhat fractious relationship, certainly in obama's first term. the point of the visit largely to repair the relationship, create a better working conditions the to the two leaders. we heard and president obama's speech from a very important statement, saying he recognizes israel as the historic homeland of the jewish people. the cigna dickens is the american president recognizing
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pre-holocaust, giving absolute confirmation of israel's right to exist and also the historical basis on which the state of israel does exist. a very important statement from president obama, once again, setting the tone for what he hopes and what his intention is, to create a warmer relationship, warmer understanding with the israeli leader and the new government that has been sworn in only a few days ago. obamast netanyahu and made a point of saying we have a vision of the middle east which has freedom, prosperity, and piece. we seek peace with our palestinian neighbors. but actually the whole prospect of further negotiations between israel and the palestinians, that is very much being doubted, very low expectations on that front. >> certainly, it has been made
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very clear that president obama is not bringing any new initiatives, not bringing any new demands or any ideas to re- spark what has been a completely dormant peace process for much of obama's first term. but one must make the point here that while this is about repairing the relationship, the issue of the peace process will be discussed but not in as great a detail, certainly on a former general basis. but there will be a further meeting over the weekend with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry returns. he will meet with prime minister netanyahu saturday night and more substantive issues about the peace process may emerge in that particular meeting. but for the next two days, the talks between obama and the 10 yahoo will center on what are seen as shared fears, shared interest -- talk between obama fearstanyahu, on shared -- iran developing a nuclear
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weapon and a situation in syria which is seen very much as a threat to stability. these will be the issues that will dominate the discussion. is a the studio with me senior political analyst. mike was sending the main ground that these two leaders want to syria.ill be iran and there is a difference in opinion as to how imminent a threat iran and its nuclear program is. are they going to be able to find common ground here? >> yes, it is about how imminent in the threat, and even more important, how to deal with it. president obama insists it will be america that will call the shots on iran and not israel. that is a row, even if it has the right to act on its own defense security, it would be america that has its back -- israel, even if it has the right
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to act on its own defense security. it does it will be america who decides what goes on and how iran will be handled and not israel. or at least of israel acted they would have to do so in tandem with the united states. onia -- we will hear more that because -- when the present visit jordan. israel has been sitting on the sidelines on syria but it has feared the instability in syria may overspill into israel. statement at the airport there -- the basic three principles of what makes this relation to the very special to deal with iran and others. the common values, and the idea from a very specific pro-is raley, pro-american approach, but, democrats get -- , democratic and universal values, and, 3,, theological values. this is, as mike said, the
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historic home of the jewish people. despite differences in their size -- cities on hills. in a way, this sort of defining of relations would make it more possible for obama to put some pressure is on the day-to-day issues that preoccupy israel in the middle east. >> interesting stuff. thank you very much. southother news -- korea's army has raised its alert level after a suspected cyber attack by north korea. the hacking paralyzed computer networks to three major television stations and two banks. the latest from seoul. >> south korea's government says it was an attack, a silent simultaneous targeting of five institutions. a journalist as -- at a news channel along with the national networks all saw their computers go black. the networks of two major banks as well as three of their affiliates were paralyzed.
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>> so far, who did it and the detailed route of the attack had not been figured out. beautys a very delicate -- that contaminates one employee's pc. once the computer is infected, it can be propagated to the old pc's. >> south korea's presidential offices and set up a johnson phillips it -- civilian and military response team. they will investigate whether north korea was the source. >> the president instructed -- first, recover rapidly, and also, come up with measures by for looking at causes. >> of course, the number one suspect is north korea, accused of five attacks on the south since 2009 and issuing daily threats against seoul and its
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allies. last week, its own media websites went down for two days. p'yongyang blamed the u.s. and south korea caring out combined computer simulation drills, saying they would suffer the consequences. the banks and internet banking were restored after a two-hour lapse but the point was made -- south korea piece in media and financial institutions's vollmer below these exposed. >> experts say the logic is two fold -- an attempt to create concern in the people who use them and much lower risk than targeting the government or military. >> the government can bring some military measure to the attacker. so, the attacker is very cautious in attacking national security. >> now comes the tough for ranjit task of detecting the source of this attack and the tougher task of trying to prevent it from happening again. >> cypriot politicians are
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holding an emergency meeting to find an alternative solution for its debt crisis. president is hosting a discussion. on tuesday parliament rejected an e you plan to tax people's savings in exchange for $13 billion international bailout. dramatic and unprecedented the no vote in cyprus is the rejection of efforts to impose a bailout on the island, one that would have taken money from the bank accounts of people like these. they were delighted at the news. >> this is an historical moment. not only, of course, with cyprus but in my opinion we are living in historical times. a new era. >> we all felt like someone's -- like someone was putting a gun to our heads. >> inside parliament, there were hours of heated debate.
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in the end, the president's party abstained and no one voted in favor. this is out a leader of the opposition saw the. >> i hope a constructive dialogue will take place, and we managed to reach a consensus on how to proceed forward. it is a very difficult sign. the rejection of the agreement between the euro group and the government is not the end of the road. it is just the beginning of a very hard fought fight. we know it very well. >> it may well be that on top of the rage people felt having their hard-earned savings taken away, that they look to the lessons of their kin in greece and realize the bill as it -- bailout is not the end of your problems, just the beginning. is there a solution to the crisis in cyprus? >> there will be a period of turbulence. we are moving into uncharted territory. but i believe what they have in
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mind is to do some board -- sort of debt restructuring with the gdp-linked bonds. but the prospects of natural gas. >> tiny cyprus has made history. whether it has any chance of going it alone, no one knows. al jazeera -- nicosia, cyprus. peter is outside the palace. what is cyprus going to do? >> a two-track process going on. two rounds of talks. the president is meeting with members of the troika of and also members of the cabinets and other political leaders. about an hour ago, the technocrats, economic experts, came away from this meeting and have not convened in nicosia at the cyprus central bank to try to come up with this elusive plan b to try to halt the escalating financial crisis. and really plan b has to be all
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things to all man -- to all men. it has to get the approval of the eu finance ministers, it's got to get a green light from the imf, is got to get the approval, too, from the european central bank and most importantly it has to get it through parliament here. because if parliament does not approve it, they will chop it out and vote it down exactly the way they did last night. gaining moreout cash and recapitalizing the banks include possible deal with the russian gas giant gazprom which would bring money, bring finances and capital into banks in exchange for a share of cyprus' offshore gas development. so, it is still early days. these talks are going to go on, we think, for most of the afternoon and we will be here looking after them. >> laying all the options on the table.
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peter, thank you so much for that. or chemical weapons used for the first time in the syrian conflict? or is it all just propaganda? we will take a look at that. plus, the united states spent more than $5 billion trying to get the electricity back on. but 10 years later, this is what most neighborhoods are like. a decade after the u.s.-led invasion, iraqis wonder when their lives will start to improve. >> we have messy weather across europe. the southeast, balkan peninsula, the next few days the rain will be exceptionally heavy. we expect localized flooding
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continuing in the area. toward the northeast, another storm bearing cold air from moscow and some snow in the area. from moscow, temperature only getting 2-6 degrees. there is another storm coming from the atlantic. ireland, northern ireland and making its way toward england. it for london on thursday, especially in the morning it will be partly cloudy and then it will turn mostly cloudy by the time we get to the afternoon. making our way toward the northern part of africa, you can see the clouds making its way toward the mediterranean. it will start to clear thursday so it will get a little better but we expect the temperature to come down and libya. tripoli, tragedy right ahead of this system, in benghazi, 23 degrees through here. . lagos, the rain will continue. heavy thunderstorms just off the coast and we expect a temperature of about 31.
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>> welcome back. the headlines on al jazeera -- barack obama has arrived in tel levied on as first visit to israel as u.s. president. obama is due to visit jerusalem shortly. south korea's army raised its alert level after a suspect it cyber attack from north korea. three major tv stations and two banks affected. the president of cyprus is holding an emergency meeting after mp's rejected a tax on people's savings. organization is investigating reports that chemical warfare in northern syria -- of that chemical warfare and northern syria. both sides are accusing the other of launching a chemical attack. but some observers say it is all
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just propaganda. tv show casualties from a rocket attack filling the emergency room at the aleppo university hospital. >> powder came out of the rocket. any of those who came to inhale the powder had fallen to the ground. >> we believe it was phosphoresce and toxic materials. it symptoms of vomiting and cases of suffocation. >> the government says the initial -- the missile was launched by opposition forces and called the strike an act of genocide. >> the price for this weapon re, those who brought these weapons and to syria, they should bear the legal and avarice bonds ability and must be punished. >> to the opposition groups blame the government forces for the strikes. >> we do not have any unconventional or chemical weapons.
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and we do not have any rockets or any method that could handle this kind of weapon. >> in moscow, russia piece a foreign ministry accepted the syrian government's version of events and said, weapons and rebel hands was an extremely dangerous development. but at the white house, president obama's spokesman late any blame on the assad government. >> deeply skeptical of a regime that lost all credibility and we one the regime against making these kinds of charges as any pretax or cover for its use of chemical weapons. >> whether in fact they casualty's were caused by chemical weapon has not been verified. al jazeera asked a leading expert to examine the hospital video and accounts of the attack. his conclusion, the casualties were not consistent with syria's reputed stockpile of chemical agents. >> if i had to make a quick decision, i would take out any sort of nominal chemical warfare agent and i would focus more on
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the -- if it is a chemical warfare agent, it is not working very well. >> the have often accused the syrian military of using chemical weapons but this is the first time the government made the same accusation against them. a syrian government official said the attack would be reported to human rights organizations but did not indicate whether outside experts would be given free access to investigate the attack. become aer, iraq has rich country with oil production set to rise to record levels by the end of the year. of in reality, millions iraqis lacked basic services. the gap between rich and poor has only grown wider after 10 years of violence. she was left to raise her grandchildren after her eldest son disappeared during the sectarian war.
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she moved here after a malicious drove her out of our home insider city -- in sadr city. it she has waited 10 years for things to get better. >> iraq is not a needy country but we have never been ruled well. we hoped it would be better but it became worse. no rations, no security, no unity, no pension, no hope of social services. >> the children were not born yet in 2003, but they are not off to a great start. school.ill goes to on this day he stayed home because there is no school nearby and he did not have that there. his sister was named tears. her mother killed herself after being forced to remarry. in the streets of the neighborhood, despite years of promises, there is no sewage system, no trash collection. there are barely any streets.
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if the united states spent more than $5 billion trying to get the electricity back on, but 10 years later this is what most neighborhoods are like. these lines are running from a private generator. people buy electricity to make up for the 12 hours a day the power is off. in wealthier neighborhoods, there is a building boom. this will be the $7 million mega mall, a five-story shopping center due to open next year. it is private iraqi investment but the construction workers are turkish. that leaves few jobs for iraqis. >> it is joe, we got rid of tyranny and oppression and a huge -- it is true, we got rid of tyranny and oppression and huge injustice but what has changed? one day you find work, 20 days you are without work. >> iraq is considered one of the worst places in the world to do business. but the rewards are huge. this latest division is between
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the rich and poor. >> the u.s. state department says it is in negotiations with rwanda to send a congolese rebel leader to the international criminal court. the handed himself over to the u.s. embassy after seven years on the run. the u.s. said he specifically asked to be transferred to the hague. 8 filipino men have been charged with terrorism offenses -- offenses in malaysia, said the be part of a rebel group which attack malaysian soldiers and several states. they are the first to be charged over the territorial dispute. if convicted, they could face the death penalty or bring up to 30 years in jail. 19 polish miners have been rescued after being trapped underground for over seven hours. there were stuck around 900 meters below ground level. an earthquake had caused the
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mine to collapse. officials say one person is being treated for minor injuries but all the rest are in good shape. the most important day of a life is how malala describes going back to school. she was shot in the head by the taliban and october and has been getting treatment in the u.k. ever since. >> making a journey many might once have thought impossible. malala on her way to school in england with her father. she says she has been looking forward to this moment for months. >> the happiest moment, that i am going back to my school. and today, i will have my books, my back. i think there is no more important day than the state. >> less than six months since she was shot and left for dead by the taliban. the bullet, lodged inside her head. pakistani doctors operated on
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her to remove it but realized she needed more advanced care than they could provide. so, she was flown to britain where surgeons believed they could use specialist techniques to treat her injuries. they decided to fit a specially molded titanium plate to overhead and to give her a cochlear implants to replace a lost hearing in one of her ears. then, with her recovery well under way, she was this tarp -- discharged from hospital to start to rebuild her life. part of the process is education. the headmistress of her new school says everyone will try to make her time there as enjoyable as possible. >> she herself once to be a normal teenage girl and to have the support of other girls around her. i think talking to her, it is something she very much missed during the time in the hospital, contact with her peer group. we aim that once she is in school, she will be a normal
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girl. >> although she knows the taliban has threatened to kill her if she ever returns to pakistan, she says she is determined to continue speaking about human-rights there. but for now, at least, she is looking forward to maki
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